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Bit to be Square


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My sister and I pooled our money out (pennies included) at a Target in Waco, Texas, to purchase the original Nintendo, complete with Duck Hunt, Mario, and a blaster.  Nothing (since then) has made me feel so alive since this print.

Available as a matted print or with a cream matted black frame.

*Colors may vary from digital image shown.
*Print is matted with a white matte, and foam backing
*Print is 8.5" x 11" and actual graphic is 3.75" x 3.75"
*Professionally printed by 4 Color Press (Fort Worth, Texas) on 80# Maxcote Satin Text weight stock on the XL75 Anicolor Press, Ink 4/0 with Aqueous Matte Coating overall

The 9.5"x12" framed picture is the one pictured above!  Also available in a larger, 13"x17" frame (exposing 9.5"x7.5" of the art).

*Please note the cream matte might slightly vary in degrees of lightness from cream to white

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