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It's a me! The artist!

I’m a 30-something year old guy who appreciates nerdy things, but still also appreciates fancy modern art.  I now create art that connects with those fans who are like me, while also appealing to others who may not.  My work is nerd art that doesn't look nerdy.

Second Collection!

Holy geez, things have gone well this last year!  Well enough that I am able to roll out a second collection of my retro favorites spanning from arcade hits to new consoles to my personal favorite--NES GOLD!

I've listened to feedback and spent never-ending hours developing a brand new line of 13 prints that should satisfy all fans of art, retro gaming, and nostalgia!  As an artist, I'm honored to be able to provide these new designs to you and ready to nerdify (yet class-upify) your home!

Find me here, on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, and even your local art shows and gaming conventions.  I'm featured at Game Over Videogames, Dallas Fan Days, and any gaming venue I can find!

Print thickness!

Hey friends!  I upgraded on the paper stock for the second collection.  While there is not difference in terms of the actual print (matte, colors, etc.), the paper is thicker!  

With that being said, you can pair a Collection 1 print with a Collection 2 print and not even notice a difference just by looking!